The Cool Bike Gallery

What makes a bike cool? One thing is for sure, it is up to you to decide!

So what could a cool bike be? Maybe your own favorite older café or rat racer that you take care of, have renovated or enjoy as it is. It could also be a new built chopper in a classic or unique style.

It is all in the details, small things that you have changed or made yourself. It can be original and you have spent time fixing every little part on your bike. For some rebuilding and renovating is more fun than riding the bike and others just like to ride them. Most likely you will agree when we say that the satsifaction is total when you finsihed a project and take the first ride on the bike.

Esox Lucius is a bike built in Sweden by SE Services, Stellan Egeland. This is the first bike that they built and it is built mainly using old car parts and handfabricated details.

Honda CB750 or what? Yes, this is Wrenchmonkees Gorilla Punch. Danish rebuild of a CB750 where the frame and engine is still original but upon closer inspection most other details are carefully modified.

To name a few more there are Hulster 8 Valve, Lucky Bastard, Indian XXL…

Then we have the future, Verdandi a fully electrical bike ahead of time as it was built around ten years ago!

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