Finally time for the rebirth of Harley

April has just started, got the frame during the beginning of this week and have now started to assemble the bike. Spring will soon be here and then one does not want to be without a bike. The engine and gearbox is now in place.

Still early April and a bit more done. Progress as usual with the same old problems I have had before, missing parts that needs to be changed. This time a locking washer for the swing arm and the upper engine mount, the old one did not fit the new S&S heads! Time to order more parts.

A few more days into April, the primary is in place, the pushrods and carburator. Just some fine tuning left.

April is almost over, have continued with the assembly and also tested how the tank and fenders fit. At this moment it is the wiring that takes my time. I thought about buying one of these control boxes for the electrical functions but 160-200 EURO is a bit too much! I’ll fix it myself with some simple electronics and relays. I will use thin wires from the handle bar.

May and a few more parts for Harley e.g. a new chain, electrical wiring and so on. Have tested different combinations of the fuletanks and fenders I have and the black with a bit crome is the best combo. The red parts does not look right for Harley.

Early June and looking like a Harley once again. The Crane Hi4 ignition was beaten by the Dyna 2000i that will make the sparks fly. Most parts are now in place, just a few small details that need attention. Cranked the starter motor today and it works like a dream giving the engine the revs to start direcly…wow what a sound from the Shovel! Tested the kickstart as well and it just starts without any hesitation. A short testdrive and a bit of finetuning of the idling and the clutch made a huge difference. Waiting for new handelbars and then ready to be inspected and registred.

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