Tearing the bike into pieces

Once home in the garage my first thought was to just fix a few small details and get the registration inspection done but I got a lot of extra goodies with the bike, S&S heads and carburetor together with other really nice parts. Instead I decided to give the bike a thorough go through during the winter and do the registration inspection when spring starts. Started to tear the bike into pieces during a weekend November, still in the same year many years ago.

Did run into a small problem with the compensating sprocket bolt, it is drawn with approx. 120NM…it was stuck! Scratched my head a few times to figure out how to lock the primary transmission chain…no major problem, I manufactured a simple tool to lock the chain. It looks like a wedge with a “stairs form” that I could lock the chain against the sprocket with, it worked perfect and the cost was nothing.

Now the clutch and primary chain are out. Did also find a original exhaust system to the bike, ebay is worth a lot when searching for parts. I have also ordered a bunch of accessories for polishing aluminum, complete gasket kits to both the engine and gearbox and also a few other small items. Just as well to do things orderly when the bike is in pieces. I did find another nice thing when I disassembled the electrical system, a Crane HI-4 Single Fire Race Motorcycle Ignition. The heads on the bike right now is dual spark plug heads driven through DYNA COILS. It probably runs well as it is but I am keen on getting the brand new S&S heads on the bike! It will be interesting to see what camshaft I have hiding inside.

It progresses slowly – already at the end of November. I have disassembled as much as I can so far. Waiting for a clutch hub puller that I have ordered, need this one before I can get any further.

A few pictures och the gasket kits to the engine and gearbox from CustomeCrome, a new internal fork stop that I will use on the bike and the polishing kits that will make the aluminum shine again!

Progress again and it is early December, got the clutch hub removed and now the whole trans is removed. Engine is loose, had to take the heads off it to get it out. All I’m missing now is the engine stand so  that I can take it down to my indoor “workshop” in the basement. Will get started on the cleaning and polishing of a large number of parts, guess it would be nice to take a few ”before and after” pictures.

A few more days and everything is out of the frame. The engine and gearbox will be the two items I will start with. I have not decided what to do with the frame, blaster and powder coat it or something else. Either way I will have to get started on finding someone with the right equipment to do these things as this is something I do not have myself! Now the renovation starts and it is time for the next page.

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