Preparing the bike for shipping

Mark ordered some plywood, 2×2?? 3×3?? (bits and pieces of wood), plenty of screws and a few other useful items. Jim and Martin get started with the assembly and the rest of us help with what we can. The plywood turns into a box as you can see in the below pictures but it did take the whole Day! Well we did also watch a few movies of the Shreman renovation, had a look at the next door garage where another bunch of guys have their company – specializing in MG renovations. Once we had the last bits and pieces on the box assembled and the last screw drawn it was time for a pint in the pub and then later in the evening off to an Indian restaurant, a must when one is in the UK! After this and a good nights sleep it was time to fly back home and start arranging the transportation of the box to where I live. I had some good help from a colleague from work that knows these things – transportation. One can just not send something this valuable without knowing that it will be well looked after! Schenker was the company that took care of the transportation and they got the bike home really fast. The transportation was booked on a Tuesday, Thursday the box was picked up were we had built it and November 1st it was ready for pickup at their logistics center – early Christmas for me!!!! Off to Schenker were they loaded the box onto our trailer and then full speed home to unpack it.

Mark is leaning against the bike. Jim and Martin are trying to figure out where to start!

Ok… just go for it….

We are getting close to finishing the box and all parts are securely stored around the bike. Just the last side and lid left.

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